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Cadence has been a makeup artist for more than 5 years now, and has been part of some amazing Makeup and Hair projects. 
Travelling to different part of the world for photoshoots and weddings, having built an in home studio, where she has many regular clients, and a regular spot with an eCommerce company. 

The beginning of her career saw her become Business Manager at Urban Decay, where the love of the products and interacting with the customer to find the right products for them really set aside her dream; to one day have her own brand!

So after a long thought process, determination and the support of some amazing people, Cadence Jade Cosmetics is born!
The first range went live 4th July 2020, with Vegan, Cruelty free, wearable products! 
The products are versatile, nourishing, and are perfect for an every day look, or even build them up for the perfect wedding day look! 


_B R I D A L 👰🏼___ My favourite place
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